Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Child-Soldiers?! Why?

Child-Soldiers?! WHY?

Definition of, and countries that use child-soldiers - tap on link:

The stand of my article is: use of child-soldiers is wrong and immoral. (Contrary to whatever practical reasons there might be)

Wrong because:

1. The less capable, less physically strong and less experienced in society must be helped and not abused or mis-used.

2. Man is a social animal and naturally depends on others to survive, grow, get strong and mature. Humans are the only species who need feeding, support and guidance for a long time after birth! Other animals are encouraged or even pushed to walk or swim or fly almost immediately after being born.

3. We were created this way (a social animal) with so many opportunities to practice the positive traits or virtues concerning relationships with other people like love, concern for others, friendship and bonding, helping the less fortunate or the disabled, teamwork, spirit of service to others and contributing to the good of the community, etc.

4. War and violence have always been detrimental to the progress of any society. Peace and love will foster development and progress. War divides, while peace multiples.

5. Children have so much potential to do much good in the world when they are properly guided, educated and formed.

6. Use of children for war eventually will deteriorate mankind's sensibilities and moral standards and will foster the sense of might is right, that you can do anything as long as there's a logical reason for it, and will also pull us more towards being violent in order for us to get what we want.

I will conclude with the following thesis: the use of child-soldiers is becoming more widespread because the countries that use them and the other more Christian neighboring countries have lost a sense of God, a God who is good and who acts daily as a loving father. 

Without God we will fall into arguments based on personal opinions and will have no solid basis for resolving social moral
issues. Disputes are then resolved using exclusively human justice and legal/ technical arguments which are based on tit-for-tat or an eye for an eye bases for "computing " or ascertaining who is right and who is wrong! The universal principle of LOVE, with the underlying aspects of understanding and forgiveness, is mostly disregarded or completely set aside. 

Modern man then, thinks of himself as the center of the universe, and decides on what is right or wrong based on whether he will be disadvantaged or not. Anything that goes against his dreams or wishes or against his friends or family then becomes his ENEMY who must ultimately be defeated or destroyed. 

The world badly needs to bring back God, and place Him squarely in the midst of all sorts of human affairs. Civil government and the Church should not be going against each other. A high level of decency, morality, peace and order will not be found in civil government when it has no God.

I wish the world could go back to the gentler, kinder and more decent times of yesteryears when people were genuinely concerned of the welfare of others, and when children were to be cared for and protected from harm, when older people were helped to cross the street, and doors were opened for those carrying an overload of groceries, and when most everyone said "good morning", "please" and "thank you", "be careful ", "stay healthy ", and said it from their heart! When people were thinking less of themselves and acted more for the welfare of others.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and may the child Jesus bring love and peace to your hearts!