Sunday, April 22, 2012

A new page in Facebook has been created for the future Paref Northfield School for Boys in Sun Valley, Antipolo City (East of Manila). First time visitors/ Facebook users may be a bit confused when they type on the FB search box "paref northfield" because it will show the FB page for the presently existing Northfield at Scout Gandia, Quezon City. But it will be pretty obvious as to what specific school page they are on because the NF Quezon City page has already lots of pictures and postings.

 The FB page for Paref Northfield School for Boys in Sun Valley, Antipolo was created primarily for the potential parents of the future school to be able to log on and get information about the future site.

This new FB page will be a useful tool for the ongoing marketing efforts to identify potential parents who may be interested in enrolling their sons for the very first opening of classes of Northfield Sun Valley, Antipolo scheduled for June of 2013. The first few classes shall be for the elementary level of Grade 1 to Grade 4. Grade 5 shall be introduced in 2014, and each grade level every year thereafter.

 Paref Northfield School for boys owns a 6-hectare property inside a decent, classy subdivision in Antipolo, a city East of Manila.There is a small waterfall within the property, which flows into an active brook. There are areas good for trekking and some outdoor activities, all within clusters of trees.The higher altitude and rolling terrain give a very nice ambience not only for students, parents and visitors but also for players of the nearby golf course. The environment fosters personal, one-on-one chats and encourages reflections and contemplation on the higher, more permanent values.

 Initial target clientele are parents within Antipolo, Marikina, Katipunan and C5, Greenmeadows, and some Quezon City parents who are willing to bring their sons all the way to Antipolo. They may just do it because the traffic going up/ eastward is counterflow, meaning,the bulk of vehicles in the morning will be on the other side of the road - the one coming from the East, going towards the Ortigas area.

 We will keep you posted as the marketing activities proceed. Have a great day!

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