Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Great Samurai Warrior

The Great Samurai Warrior was 10 years old when he started his swordsmanship training under a well-known Sensei. He went through all the lessons with dedication and focus. He loved training so much that the Sensei frequently had to remind him to take a break for a while and rest. He was also very persistent and continued his rigorous training for so many years until his Sensei told him that he was ready to go out into the world with a samurai sword tucked into his sash.

When he was about 30 years old, the Great Samurai Warrior became a legend in his own right. He was known not only for his sword fighting skills but also for his noble and compassionate heart. Many people have seen and heard about how smooth and how fast he was able to dispose of multiple opponents, sometimes as many as 8 at a time. He was able to save and defend dozens of peaceful and gentle villagers from the black ninjas who descended from the mountain and raided their simple farming village.

The leader of the black ninjas was a fearsome and ruthless man who had no real name. No one also knew where he came from, what his background was. To the villagers, he was simply called the "Scourge".

One day in summer, after the harvest, Scourge and his band of black ninjas raided the village and fortunately the Great Samurai Warrior was in his house having tea with his parents. Upon hearing the cries for help, he immediately went out and confronted Scourge and his black ninjas. After a hard fought battle, he single-handedly killed all but Scourge. They then had a duel, with all the villagers watching. Finally, he was able to defeat Scourge who was now kneeling before him, waiting for the quick blow to the neck to finish it all. Everyone was silent, awaiting the gory scene. Suddenly Scourge stood up and spat on the face of the Great Samurai Warrior, who wiped his face calmly, put his samurai sword back into his sash, turned around and walked away. It was a great day for him because once again he was able to apply one of the most difficult teachings of his old Sensei, "Do not kill when you're angry".

Now everyone knew why the Great Samurai Warrior was called Great - he highly valued obedience and adherence to principles over his emotions.