Sunday, June 13, 2010

Solid Gold Feel Good

Solid Gold Feel Good

2 things guaranteed to make you feel good:

1. Be genuinely grateful
2. Pray for others, wish them well, and look for small acts of service

If done only one time, the feel good effect lasts short term.

If done consistently and over the long haul, these habits become part of you and will give you peace and happiness all throughout your stay here in this wonderful world. What's the secret? The 2 habits make you look outward, outside of yourself, almost forcing you to forget your miseries and your aches and pains.

The choice is clear: to be helpful or to be painful; to be of service or to be selfish!

I'm not saying that you should create a dream world or try to deny reality. All I'm saying is build the 2 habits and insert them during odd moments of the day, as an antidote to the blues and blahs.

A few suggestions to help you out:

1. To have a refined sense of gratitude:
- Have a small handy notebook or journal. Log in just 5 items throughout the day that you felt grateful for. Like for example, "May 15, 2010 Entry #1: Woke up early and jogged for 30 minutes". Note down the 5 gratitude items day after day, 24/7.
- Join for free. All you need to do is register on their website. After joining, you can post one gratitude item per day. You can also join groups, give group members "gifts" or icons related to your Appreciation Message.

2. Service to Others:
- Try to notice how other people struggle through their daily chores, or through traffic, or the delivery boy doing his job under the heat of the sun. And then shoot a short prayer for the guy. Or if an opportunity arises, you can pick up a package of groceries which fell off the cart being pushed by an elderly woman.

Forget yourself, have fun! I am also passing on to you a message I usually receive from a dear friend: STAY GOLD!

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