Monday, February 8, 2010

Make Your Heart Smile

A smile is contagious - it makes you happy and it makes others happy, it helps you love more all around and love more deeply, it spreads peace and kindness. We also know that the more sincere and genuine the smile is, the greater is its power to uplift!

But what can bring about a genuine smile? It must come from within, from the heart. But what can make your heart smile? Small kindness thoughts and big generous thoughts, prayers of thanks and gratitude, more prayers for other people, wishing the best for others, the detailed and painstaking plan you lose sleep over to build a better life for others. Dismissing hurtful remarks and giving the benefit of the doubt for mistakes, not minding the small negatives in our relationships. The habit of looking out for the good aspects of people.

It's enduring the difficulties in trying to make life a little more pleasant for those you love. It's the continuing, "no let-up" effort you exert in trying to be the best father, or husband, or son, or daughter, or friend.

It's the high level principles and beliefs you cherish. It's in the active service you give to your community. It's in having concern (and really doing something about it) for your employees, or clients, or for those who need your help. It's in willing, and wishing to help without expecting any return.

It's a whole lot more, that which can make your heart smile, but most everything coming from within. Of course there are external things which can bring it about, even if only for a moment - a ray of sunlight on a cold, damp afternoon, or the shouts and laughter of children playing in the park, or a tough client who finally signs the contract.

From the inside, or from the outside, you're still the only one who can build a smiling heart. In your moment to moment decisions on what you want to hold on to and lock in your heart - the good or the bad, the hurtful or the joyful, the happy memories or the sad. And in the end, the accumulation of these choices will determine the way you look at life, which in turn will be perceived by the recipients of your gifts, or your service, or greeting card, or your "Good Morning", or "Thank You", or your "I love you"!

Happy Valentine!

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