Monday, February 22, 2010

HRD 101 - Outline of Basic Functions

Human Resource Development

- Two major areas of responsibility:

I. Employee Intake/Career - functions which directly affect people
II. Organization Development - functions which support Top Management efforts in pursuing strategic company goals

- Sometimes referred to as Human Resource Management, or Human Resource Systems, or Personnel Administration/Management (old-school, circa 1960s)

(Note: At present, common industry practice has Personnel Administration as one section under the HR Department, and is tasked with some or all of the following: Ads placement, Scheduling and administration of Tests and Interviews, Timekeeping or Attendance monitoring, Vacation, Sick, Sabbatical Leaves monitoring and administration, 201 Files, Personnel Action Notice )

I. Employee Intake and Career

A. Recruitment

1) Manpower Planning- how many new hires needed, job/position, what department, cross-postings, promotion
2) Job Description - the complete version has 3 parts, i.e., Qualifications, Competencies, and Tasks List
3) Job Evaluation and Job Ranking
4) Define Competencies needed for particular job - apart from the qualifications
5) 201 Files Maintenance

B. Career

1) New Employee Notification/Communication - includes triggering the Personnel Action Notice form to Accounting Department and to Department heads company-wide
2) New Hire Orientation
3) Performance monitoring during probationary period
4) Recommendation to job post
5) Review of policies and procedures, recommend revisions
6) Administration and enforcement of the company's Code of Discipline and Manual of Policies
7) Employee Relations Services - Health and Safety, Benefits administration, Conflict resolution, Counselling
8) Ensure adherence to Promotion Policy/ies of the Company in general, and of the specific department concerned

C. Compensation

1) Salary Structure based on Job Grades and Pay Levels
2) Incentives, Bonuses, Profit-share
3) Perks and Benefits

II. Organization Development

A. Strategic Planning
B. Organizational Structure, Reporting Structures, Matrix relationships, Responsibilities
C. KRAs Design and Development, Monitoring, and Measurement
D. Performance Management and Rewards
E. Training and Education
F. Leadership Courses/Learning Interventions and Management Development
G. Change Management
H. Succession Planning

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