Monday, December 21, 2009

Symbols of Christmas

Symbols of Christmas

1. The Christmas tree - reminds us of the tree on which Jesus suffered and died for us

2. Gifts - reminds us of the wonderful gift of salvation which Jesus gave us. Without him, the gates of heaven would have been closed to us forever. That's why gifts are freely given, without expecting anything in return, because He gave us the gift of Life even while we didn't deserve anything.

3. Smiling faces - the value of giving, and serving others cheerfully, of joyfully forgiving

4. Shopping for the appropriate gift, inspite of traffic, or the crowds, or painful feet - the willingness to sacrifice or endure pain for the good of others, to make others happy, to serve

5. Strangers greeting strangers, everyone wanting to contribute to make the season bright - the bond of brotherhood, everyone as children under the eyes of one loving Father, without looking at skin, or intelligence, or height, or beauty, or ugliness. No labels, just one big happy family.

6. Christmas carols - real, solid reminders of the what and why of Christmas:

- Hark the herald angels sing, glory to the new born king
- Joy to the world, the Lord has come
- O come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant . . .

7. The Nativity scene - the value of poverty, and humility, of not having even a decent room, all endured for the sake of Love

8. The visit by the 3 kings (or, as some say, the adoration by the Magi) - the necessity for rich, wise and powerful people to be humble and acknowledge the real power of God, even if He cannot be obviously perceived, even if His power and majesty cannot be seen inside the cold and dark stable

Wishing all of you a truly Blessed and Merry Christmas!

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