Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Small Act of Kindness - Discovered

About 3 weeks ago, my wife and I were having breakfast when halfway through, we saw Larry, a close friend. As he joined us, I asked him how he was affected by the unusual storm which brought heavy rains which lasted almost 12 hours.

Larry said that about 70% of the houses in the village were badly affected. The whole first floor of his house was under water and he was only able to save a few personal things. Everything else was destroyed. He said he, his wife and kids tried to drive through towards the entrance of the village, but an onrushing torrent made him turn back fast and he found a spot on higher ground. They tried to get into the house but it was useless. A kind neighbor offered for them to stay overnight and even prepared warm food for everyone. It was very difficult to see how he would be able to "reconstruct" and to buy all the furniture, TV, etc. which took him years to save and buy. But again he said that he's thankful that no one in his family was hurt.

I told Larry that I became worried when I sent him a text message but he never replied. It was a simple message, "Hi Larry. Hope everything's fine with you and your family. Praying for everyone's safety". I told him that I was also concerned that maybe I shouldn't have sent him a message, as it could have been the worst possible time.

With a lot of sincerity, and with a warm smile, Larry then thanked me and told me that he received the message alright, but he had no time to reply as he was thinking of ways to save his family and some belongings. But at the moment he received it, it lifted up his spirit and told himself, "At this crazy and dangerous moment, at least there's someone out there who's concerned and who's praying for me". He told me that he couldn't properly describe the joy and courage he got when he received the message.

I learned something that day. I will never hesitate or think too much whenever I might again find myself in the situation to reach out and show concern, no matter how simple the act may be. It may be the life-line someone needs at that very moment. We don't know where a flash of inspiration comes from.

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