Saturday, October 31, 2009

Typhoons, Earthquakes, Landslides are opportunities to show genuine concern for others

When strong rains, strong winds and floods come, normal daily activity stops for a while. Sometimes 1 day, sometimes 1 week, sometimes a month. And then activity resumes, driven by the desire to earn and recoup the losses and rebuild a life.

Meanwhile, the drama played out by the media sometimes is beneficial, mostly because of the heart-warming, inspiring stories of common heroes who helped others without regard for their own safety. Also an eye-opener is the oft repeated videos of volunteers and donors showing massive outpouring of generosity and compassion. Then you tell yourself, modern man isn't that evil after all. Although there were greedy hoarders and opportunists, fortunately they were in the very small minority.

Once in a while we hear unpublished stories from our friends about other heroic people, young or old, whose exploits may fill up pages of a book, the unsung heroes.

After the crisis, we come out with the conviction that truly, goodness and love have been embedded deep in the hearts of all men. Some choose not to follow this tendency towards good. But the majority of mankind choose to manifest this power of love, in big or small things. Yes, love is a power. A power stronger than typhoons. A power that builds palaces, NGO's, and Foundations dedicated to worldwide peace, or helping the hungry, or build houses for the poor, to help refugees, to save our planet.

Love is a power that draws billionaires, ordinary people, intellectuals, manual laborers, etc. to contribute their money, time and effort to help others and to pursue noble goals beyond themselves.

But, you can also exercise this power and need not look far. As they say, "charity begins at home". So many people, friends, relatives, neighbors need help. Some need money, others need a shoulder to cry on, or a sympathetic ear to which they can pour out their pains, and others may simply need a ride back home. When you help, with genuine concern, then this is love in its pure form. Pure because it's given without counting the cost or not expecting anything in return. It truly becomes effective because it comes direct from the source - your heart.

Have you truly, genuinely helped someone today?

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