Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day Upperk's 1st Post


I am excited to start writing on the following:

  • Organization Development and HRD
  • Life Views
  • Personal Growth with emphasis on virtues and values
  • Family
On some postings you may see a quotation on the title space, which will be the main theme for that post. Most of the time I will be short and sweet, sticking to the main theme or quotation. But of course sometimes I will just ramble on, as fancy strikes me.

My goals are to keep this interesting and useful.

Motto for today: JUST DO IT!

With some caveats: only after you've at least thought it twice, or you think that a delay will be too costly, or you feel that you're already in the stage of "paralysis due to analysis".

Hope this perked up your day!

See you later.

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