Saturday, October 31, 2009

Typhoons, Earthquakes, Landslides are opportunities to show genuine concern for others

When strong rains, strong winds and floods come, normal daily activity stops for a while. Sometimes 1 day, sometimes 1 week, sometimes a month. And then activity resumes, driven by the desire to earn and recoup the losses and rebuild a life.

Meanwhile, the drama played out by the media sometimes is beneficial, mostly because of the heart-warming, inspiring stories of common heroes who helped others without regard for their own safety. Also an eye-opener is the oft repeated videos of volunteers and donors showing massive outpouring of generosity and compassion. Then you tell yourself, modern man isn't that evil after all. Although there were greedy hoarders and opportunists, fortunately they were in the very small minority.

Once in a while we hear unpublished stories from our friends about other heroic people, young or old, whose exploits may fill up pages of a book, the unsung heroes.

After the crisis, we come out with the conviction that truly, goodness and love have been embedded deep in the hearts of all men. Some choose not to follow this tendency towards good. But the majority of mankind choose to manifest this power of love, in big or small things. Yes, love is a power. A power stronger than typhoons. A power that builds palaces, NGO's, and Foundations dedicated to worldwide peace, or helping the hungry, or build houses for the poor, to help refugees, to save our planet.

Love is a power that draws billionaires, ordinary people, intellectuals, manual laborers, etc. to contribute their money, time and effort to help others and to pursue noble goals beyond themselves.

But, you can also exercise this power and need not look far. As they say, "charity begins at home". So many people, friends, relatives, neighbors need help. Some need money, others need a shoulder to cry on, or a sympathetic ear to which they can pour out their pains, and others may simply need a ride back home. When you help, with genuine concern, then this is love in its pure form. Pure because it's given without counting the cost or not expecting anything in return. It truly becomes effective because it comes direct from the source - your heart.

Have you truly, genuinely helped someone today?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Job-Hunting plus some basic Org.Dev. structures

There are various major industries, e.g., Financial Services, Automobile, Food, Fashion, etc. and each major industry has several sub-sectors. Like, for example, in Automobiles - automobile manufacturing, tires, accessories, after-market, etc. In Food - manufacturing or processing, sauces, purees; Fast-Foods, Fine Dining, Restaurant design, etc.

Each industry or sub-sector will have different ways of doing business, mission/vision, philosophy, core values, KRA's (Key Result Areas), and therefore different organizational and functional set ups, meaning, the departments or divisions needed to run and manage the business properly. Some common departments: Accounting, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources Management or Development. Most businesses would also have Research, Logistics (for bigger companies), or separate Warehousing and Distribution, I.T. (Information Technology or Computers.

Just looking at this very brief background, you can see that the new employee or new recruit must have a certain set of qualifications and competencies needed to be able to perform well in a given job/position. (More on the differences between "qualifications" and "competencies" in subsequent posts.)The manager of the department must know and have on hand a list of competencies needed (maximum of 6) and how they are ranked according to what is most valuable to his department. A short definition of "competencies" = skills, aptitudes, attitudes such as optimism or open-mindedness, beliefs, values, principles, good work habits such as patience or perseverance or care for details, etc. Obviously there would be no single person who would have all competencies needed to handle a specific job.

For example, in hiring a salesman, the company would stress on communication skills, outgoing attitude, friendliness and cheerfulness aside from other relevant competencies. But, in looking for an accountant, the company would be looking for prudence, cautiousness, accuracy, tight-lipped or knows how to handle confidential information.

Some quick tips for the job-hunter:

1. Know yourself, your strengths/competencies
2. Research on what type of industry matches your "most recent relevant experience" and what interests you.
3. Rank your competencies, and then look at what job is right for you - is it in Accounting, Engineering, or Sales. Remember different departments need different competencies.
4. Don't try to fake it - if you don't have it, or if you do have it, it will be uncovered in the tests you have to take and the interviews you have to go through
5. Prepare for the interview - most hiring officers or interviewers would be using some form of "S.T.A.R." system of interviewing, which is basically behavior-based, meaning, you tell them your actual experience in response to their specific question, and you follow this sequence:
S - State the SITUATION (or problem, or event)
T - Tell them the TASK (or procedures) you performed
A - ACHIEVED (what the procedure achieved or specifically solved)
R - RESULT (what was the over-all result, or how did it affect the bottom-line, did it result to cost savings? or increased sales? or more efficiency?)
6. Prepare for a drop-dead resume' - my experience tells me a 2-pager is the most effective, unless you really have 10 or more years' experience in so many different industries, and if this is the case, then try to limit it to 3 pages. Focus on your achievements and not on what process you used and who you talked to, etc.. All of these are useless details! Make it short with clear/concise descriptions, bullet points, key words only. Remember, interviewers and managers are very busy people!

Perked you up! Did I?!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day Upperk's 1st Post


I am excited to start writing on the following:

  • Organization Development and HRD
  • Life Views
  • Personal Growth with emphasis on virtues and values
  • Family
On some postings you may see a quotation on the title space, which will be the main theme for that post. Most of the time I will be short and sweet, sticking to the main theme or quotation. But of course sometimes I will just ramble on, as fancy strikes me.

My goals are to keep this interesting and useful.

Motto for today: JUST DO IT!

With some caveats: only after you've at least thought it twice, or you think that a delay will be too costly, or you feel that you're already in the stage of "paralysis due to analysis".

Hope this perked up your day!

See you later.